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The Marriage Crisis with Kathryn Wilson

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Podcast, Profectus Co-editors Ben Wilterdink and Clay Routledge talk with with Kathryn Wilson. Kathryn is a practicing psychotherapist and has her master's in counseling, psychology, and biblical counseling. Along with her husband, Eamon, Roderick Hare, and Pastor Paul VanderKlay, Kathryn has been one of the regular conversation partners in a series of discussions on the marriage crisis.

Episode Notes

Marriage Crisis Video 1: Introductions 

Marriage Crisis Video 2: Love is Unconditional, Relationships are Not

Marriage Crisis Video 3: The Velcro of Marriage in a World of Insecure Attachment

Marriage Crisis Video 4: The Loss of Inherited Wisdom in Marriage and Childrearing 

Marriage Crisis Video 5: Suitor-Father-Patriarch Lifelong Marriage as Developmental and Virtue Achievement

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