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A Deep Dive on State and Local Economic Development with John Mozena

Episode Summary

In this episode, Archbridge Director of Programs Ben Wilterdink talks with John Mozena, President and Co-founder of the Center for Economic Accountability. They discuss what economic development programs are, why they almost always fail to achieve their goals, and what can be done to increase transparency and rein in the waste.

Episode Notes

John is Co-founder and President of the Center for Economic Accountability, an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan educational and advocacy organization working to educate Americans on the harmful and wasteful nature of economic development subsidies. Prior to starting the CEA, John was Vice President for Marketing and Communications at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Michigan’s free-market public policy think tank. Before working in public policy, John spent two decades in private-sector agency and corporate roles where his clients often included economic development entities and programs.


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